I spot you through the crowded airport…waiting for me….how could I not see you right away?…you are so beautiful….immediately I feel my body respond…aching for your hands upon me…I walk to you…slowly and deliberately…smiling…letting you take in the vision of the one who loves you most..making you remember….Continue reading

The hem of her skirt

It is 2:00 p.m. and time for their "afternoon smoke break". Neither of them are smokers, but the hot quick fucking that they do here every day, could most certainly start a fire. She knows he is coming, and patiently waits by the window in the office basement. She is ready and her heart pounds waiting for his arrival. Just then, she....Continue reading

Sexy art of couple sex,  for adult sex story
Couple in hot foreplay, art for adult sex story

Nature takes it all

We sit at the river's edge, taking a break from our long hike. Your feet are in the water, and I laugh because you still have your shoes on...and they are untied. I get into the cool water and kneel down in front of you. I slip my hands down into the wetness and pull your shoes...and soaking wet smiling up at you. Better?....Continue reading

Man giving oral sex to woman, erotic image for adult sex story

Adult sex stories


How can you sleep

do you know that today...I was so tired from sleeping only an hour or two at a time...that I fell asleep this afternoon for a short nap? I was missing you SO MUCH...and feeling especially horny for you. I started to dream that you were here with me....Continue reading

Drawing for a sex adult story

Park suck

As I walk, enjoying the night air, I soon "sense" someone behind me. Before I can turn around, strong hands grab me and pull me off the path pushing me down in the grass. The stranger is larger than me, and I feel his weight crushing down on....Continue reading

Woman giving blowjob, sexy image for adult sex story

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