Octopus Love​

Couple in a sensual hug erotic painting

Erotic prints for your bedroom

My nails dig into you, wanting you ....craving you. I bite and lick you from head to toe ...
aching for this moment. My legs wrap around your body ....grinding you intensely. My head rocks back and forth ...moaning this ecstasy. My mouth feverishly taking you in sucking, licking and massaging you ...you tangle my hair in your hands pulling me in for more ....
deeply taking you as far as you can go.

Our hearts are pounding sweat is dripping the taste of you excites me, let go baby ... release into me I beg. My long blonde hair twisting in your hand demanding I get on all fours. Your palm glides down the middle of my back firmly finding my hips to hold thrusting inside of me hard hard and harder ... thrusting...

As I straddle you grinding fulfilling myself onto you, nails digging into your chest as you caress my breast, pinching my nipples as you thrust again and again... I collapse on top of you blonde curls soaked with sweat, scent of sex fills the room, your eyes look deeply into mine still moving into me ... gently.

you pull my face towards you deep passionate kisses finding your way to my neck... you bite, gently digging your nails into me as you release and come inside me.​



Short adult story from the ebook 'Romantic Sex' - available on this website