Sweat dripping, body aching​

Woman  sitting on man, making love art canvas print, blue tones

Erotic prints for your bedroom

Within your arms I am safe. I am able to sleep deeply as I listen to the sound of your heart beating. I lay watching your perfection, gently tracing your lips with my fingertips. Wrapped within you I am loved, wanted ... unconditionally. You understand my needs, my desires. You and only you can bring me to that place I can seldom go without you.


I feel my heartbeat faster, my breathing getting heavier as I think of straddling you just to caress my wetness on your thigh as I move your arms up above your head. You just lay there... a smile, Oh so sexy smile on your face... eyes still closed ready for me, I slide you into me SLOWLY... cherishing each move inward, sounds made by each other as you are inside me. I can feel you throbbing, I tighten ... moving you in and out of me. It’s hard to breathe, for the moaning, the sweat building dripping on your chest.


You love it when I take control, satisfying myself... grinding to my needs. Still holding your wrists tightly over your head. I need you in deeper....I put my feet beside your hips as I move up and down on your cock...hearing you moan, lifting your hips, my thighs begin to hurt, knees ache...difficult position to be in but I love it don't you...


My back arches, about to come ... I demand you "do it baby, make me come". You grab my hips helping me move up and down... thrusting in harder and harder, then I collapse. With soaked hair, scent of sweat I’ve dripped on your chest. My body still quivering... I lay exhausted, pleasantly exhausted upon your chest once again to fall asleep within the arms full of passion.


The piece "Blue woman on top" is available on canvas - here