Blue woman on top

Within your arms I am safe. I am able to sleep deeply as I listen to the sound of your heart beating. I lay watching your perfection, gently tracing your lips with my fingertips. Wrapped within you I am loved, wanted

Octopuse Love

My nails dig into you, wanting you ....craving you. I bite and lick you from head to toe ...
aching for this moment. My legs wrap around your body ....

Taking you in

This ache, longing to have you. Inside me, my mouth watering to taste you!  I want you deep, deep inside my mouth where it is warm, moist... needing you so. Ache from the want, desire to take you in, open wide, slide down as far as I can for you to cum inside. Moaning with pleasure is what I want, to please you, satisfy you... make you cum for more. Grabbing my hair, yanking it back and forth as not ever getting enough. Massaging you so, in just the right spot. Sucking you harder and harder until you explode... dripping from my chin. I take you in... slow and tight, making you feel good baby night after night.‚Äč ---------------------From the ebook "Romantic Sex", available here


Making love art


I wish for the touch of your fingers touching me gently, caressing my curves playing me like an instrument ... a piano or strumming your fingers on me like your guitar


I wish for your mouth to meet mine kissing me deeply, passionately ... softly exploring my body as you would play the ivory keys, strings and sweeping sounds using your fingers and your mouth to feed upon me




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