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Adult erotic stories with explicit sex art, dirty erotica, lesbian sex, romantic sex fantasies and quickies. A mind blowing erotic trip into sexy words and erotic art.


High quality eBooks written by the 'Artcore Fantasies' group, edited by Samarel. 

Price: $9.50 | Published date: November 2017 | Format: ePub, Pdf

Lay me down baby...Take me, glide your body into mine...I beg of you, please darling ... spread me open....With your strong hands caress my body....With your perfect mouth bite me gently....Kiss me passionately...Hold my arms above my head, tie me to the bedpost...Take the red silk scarf from my neck, blindfold me baby...I long for your touch loosing my breath as your fingers...Glide down the center of my chest, between my aching breasts....I yearn for your touch, our breathing becomes harder, faster...As you take me into your mouth, sucking me, nipples erect....Teasing me with your fingers.... gently in, around and out and in again...My hips move to your touch, scooting down to get more of you inside of me...​

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